About Us

We have all had our fair share of bad hair or skin days, sluggish mornings, and more. We go through dozens of expensive products that promise a fast fix but contain harmful chemicals to our bodies and damage the environment in the process. All along the solution has been right in front of us.

Over the years through visits with family in East Africa, we have listened and learned from our elders, who emphasise a natural solution first. On one particular trip to Eritrea, while experiencing an especially bad Nickel Allergy, a family member introduced us to an unbranded organic soap. There was no fancy packaging, no ingredients list, just a simple “TRY THIS”. Within days, there were visible improvements. We then found a new desire to look into more natural organic remedies. We went from making products for ourselves, to our friends, and eventually envisioning Healed by Nature to provide everyone with natural, easy, and affordable remedies for everyday struggles. 

We have decided to launch with our Sea Moss range to start with the care of inner health, as this is the foundation of our wellbeing. We have created a selection of Sea Moss Gels  which have been infused with natural ingredients such as moringa, ginger & turmeric and honey & cinnamon, all providing various benefits listed in the descriptions. 

Follow us on our journey as we continue to introduce natural products and remedies that help maintain your well-being.